HEL Extrait De Parfum

The Celebration

Full body intoxication. Sweet sans nausea - balanced with fresh and crisp, this scent is all about being delicious, luscious, bright and filled with sunshine while wrapped in cashmere scarves.

What you're smelling:  Grapefruit Marsh, Tuberose, Cajeput

Hel exists firmly in beauty, eclecticism and endless charm. This scent’s energy is palpably electrifying and immediately volts through the wearer to their very core.

Hel is a choreographed explosion of joy, colour, laughter and unadulterated energy. It is a scent that is all-encompassing, that never gives up and continuously changes and morphs to keep you intrigued just when you think you’ve experienced all of it. It goes above and beyond your greatest expectations.

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