Fire on the Mountain Candle


The glow shines warmly trickling light beneath your feet as you walk across the red earth now turned black from the night sky. In the distance, another glowing ember marks a village. One fire after another comes to life across the valley signaling the festivities have begun, the faint scent of delicate smoke plumes lingers in the air.

You arrive at the source of light, the crackles of flames whipping against the night sky greeting your arrival. Melodic rhythm fills your ears, handfuls of scented woods and leaves are thrown atop the coals that have escaped the central furnace of flames, releasing their fragrance to the whirling mass of faces, eyes, and limbs twirling before them.  

Your head fills with the beating of hands on dried leather, the beating gets louder as the stars shine brighter, and the distance between sky and earth falls away as you follow the embers from the fire flying upwards. The scent of this smoke is specific, dry-earthy, woody, sweet with herbaceous leather undertones. It clings to your clothes and hair, perfuming you into the mysticism of the night.

Not your average candles. We only use essential oils and a blend of natural waxes to create these unique pieces.

Revel in the delicious, delicate scent as it swirls around your abode. Perfectly accompanies bubbles: of the beverage and long, indulgent bath kind.

Our candle vessels, which you can keep and reuse forevermore, are shaped by hand in fine grade Black Porcelain. Each is hand finished with a unique crest stain lightly applied and worked into the ceramic to give each one a unique finish.

No candles are alike.

Each candle weighs approximately 300g, burn time 55 +- Hr.

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