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Perfume made from 100%  natural raw materials blooming with the complexity, oddity and beauty of nature. To read more in depth info click here (insert hyperlink to page ‘more info’ which will also have a link in the footer menu)


We believe that nature is the perfect mirror of human nature. Our scents are created to explore and celebrate the very things that make us human. Rather than shy away, we want to delight in the characteristics, obscurities, joys and quirks that make us what and who we are, in our own way. Nature is complex, and as natural beings, so are we - we celebrate real with real, complex with complex, precious and unique with exactly that - precious and unique natural perfume materials to express you.


A term so overused, but the very bedrock of how we create our perfumes. Heavy industrialisation leads to the overuse of any and all materials. We retain our production to be completed by hand to ensure that the respect for and importance of our natural ingredients is in contact throughout the process of production. We do not believe in limitlessness, we believe in balance, and we have learnt that direct human contact with what we create is the essence of respect for ourselves, for the materials we use and for our creations. Made by hand leaves the mark of the maker which you receive as the gift in your hands of their time and creation. Time and resources are precious, and we stand strongly at advocating this.


Founded in Cape Town, House of Gozdawa was born to continue a family legacy of nature derived personal products  

Gender Neutral, Sustainable, Cruelty Free Fragrances.