House of Gozdawa was conceived in deference to nature, the beguiling African continent and all of its glorious smells. The story starts many moons ago, with one little girl and her fierce-spirited, parachuting, aristocratic grandmother. Precious knowledge was passed down from one generation to the next, and out of this a strong desire to share African realities, stories and scents with the world was born. Our quest for unique and indigenous natural ingredients has led to the most intrepid adventures both on our doorstep and in faraway foreign lands: scaling intimidatingly high mountains, hurtling across the driest of dry deserts and diving headfirst into shiver-inducing seas.

We are obsessed with stories, with individuals from past to present, and of course, with scent. We wish humans could teleport or time travel, that smell-o-vision was real, but whilst we patiently wait for such capabilities (counting on you Elon), we invite you to join our olfactory ride.

House of Gozdawa has been creating epicene perfumes and more since 2015. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa.