Custom Fragrances

House of Gozdawa creates signature, bespoke fragrances both for individuals and corporate clients.


We love to collaborate with people and brands who share our ethos and admiration for the extensive ingredients that nature has to offer. Each project is unique and tailored to your needs, taking place over several months, from first meeting through to development and production. Creating a bespoke fragrance is a true journey of discovery, comparable to building a puzzle. Together, we delve deep into your world, developing an understanding of who you and your brand are and what it is you are looking to create. Once this research phase is complete, we take all our findings into the studio and let the nose lead the way. 


Gift yourself or a loved one the ultimate luxury perfume experience - a fragrance created entirely for you. Over the course of several hours, we explore our extensive scent library, discovering what you like and which ingredients work best with your skin type. Once our time together is over, we continue to work on your unique blend until the final product is complete. A perfume for you, not everyone else. 

For all enquiries and questions, please contact: