Natural Perfume

Delve deeper into the definition and characteristics of natural perfume…

All the fragrances in our products contain 100.0% natural essential oils and/or naturally derived materials as defined by iso standard 9235 – aromatic natural raw materials vocabulary.

Naturally derived ingredients are grown and gathered from the natural world (outside) and then extracted. Synthetic ingredients are created in laboratories using synthetically created molecules that either mimic the most prominent characteristics of their natural counterparts or represent entirely new scent notes (created to smell like nothing from nature). These natural ingredients are made up of hundreds of molecules that come together to represent the entire spectrum of the raw material. Such complexity leads to a stronger reaction with your skin and allows for a wider range of sensory outcomes.

Natural ingredients and the individual chemical makeup of your skin imprint on one another, creating a unique scent/skin relationship.

Your skin, Your scent!

This is what we love about naturals. The materials have a much greater volatility than their synthetic counterparts, owing to the vast and variable number of molecules within their structure. Working with naturals therefore becomes an inherently more complex and challenging process. Not only does one have to understand how individual ingredients behave, but also how they are likely to interact with the addition of subsequent components. The end result is a process that requires immense attention to detail, to behaviours and specific characteristics. It’s also what makes the outcome of an excellent natural perfume so incredibly exquisite.