ALBERT Extrait De Parfum

The Philosopher

Smooth warm pine needles, sweet oranges, mandarine, gentle melancholy all cuddled up in a fortified and grounded sense of strength. 

What you're smelling: Pine, full-bodied orange skin citrus, Namibian Myrrh, Vetiver, Cedarwood Atlas 

Albert is a scent that evokes both a melancholic yearning for days gone by, as well as a deep motivation for progress and enlightenment.

Albert spends most of his time in his head; it’s where he feels most comfortable. He is both nostalgic and curious, often flitting between reliving memories from his past and trying to solve the world’s current and future epistemological problems. One thing’s certain, however; his ability to fluidly move between past, present, and future is utterly captivating.